Tuesday 29 September 2015

Dear So and So - Body, I'm sorry you're falling apart!

Oh Mich,

Come on girl, we have had this conversation so many times. You have to change, you must eat differently. I know it sounds dramatic but you are slowly killing yourself. Do you get that?  Killing yourself. Yes that is what I said and you need to take notice. It is not good to be your size.

Why do you think your knee joints hurt and when you get up after a couple of hours on the sofa you can hardly move? It is not normal for someone of 42 to move about like they are 82. It will be the excess 8 stone you are carrying. That is, after all, the weight of a small woman.

There are so many routes available to you and frankly it does not matter which way you go but you just need to do something and dramatically cutting down on what you eat (particularly the junk) will make a really good start.

Stop being so busy with everything else please and just get to it. Carve some time out and give yourself space to exercise, sleep enough, drink more water and eat healthier.

You are worth it Mich, you need to start treasuring yourself in the same way you do others.

From your exasperated self

Dear Womb,

You have done well for me, you've helped me to make three amazing kids and I suspect that your job is done in that regard but now you are just playing up and it is no good. I'm fed up of red patches seeping through my clothes and feeling wet and yucky down there.

I'm waiting to find out what the hospital want to do about the coil that is embedded in you now its chemical has run out and is no longer effective. Surgical removal was what they mentoned a year ago when I had my last scan, it dosn't sound great. Then once it is out, who knows what needs to happen then. Apparently my fibroids are getting bigger and the excess bleeding and clots I'm shedding must be testament to that.

I just thank the Lord that I don't suffer with the pain I used to have after the twins were born.

I have to say, I think if they recommend a hysterectomy, I'll be OK with that. Although I'm not looking forward to the menopause.

Being a woman stinks at times! Mich x

Hello feet,

Well my two verrucas specifically. You know I hate you and for years I've been cutting you off, chopping you out, covering you in gunk and filing you away but boy are you stubborn.  Please bug off. I really need to do more exercise and you make it so painful.

Please, please, please could you do this little favour for me?

Your unhappy, ugly footed owner!

Right persistent cough,

What are you about? In general I feel fine but you are there just bugging me from time to time. The antibiotics have been unsuccessful and we will see what the chest X-ray brings up, but I suspect nothing.

I did a bit of googling (I know, I know - it can be dangerous) but I do wonder if you are a symptom of acid reflux and just presenting in this way rather than the classic one. I'll have to discuss this with my GP when I go back.

I'd love you to disappear please and for all to be fine.

Thanks a lot, Mich x

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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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