Tuesday 15 September 2015

Dear So and So - The Random Musings

OK, uneasy Feeling,

You can bog right off. I hate you. There is no need for me to have this sense of dread, this worry that something might be wrong. Yes there are a few little niggling things but none of them are important and none of them need to take up excessive mind space.

Whenever I feel like this, I have learnt that I have to acknowledge that my equilibrium is off and then I need to be really conscious to acknowledge what is troubling me and work out the worst case scenarios. At this point I know it is all manageable and I refuse to allow the devil to steal my joy.

So there you go, bleur feelings. You've had your marching orders. Time to leave Mich alone as I won't be succumbing to the downward spiral that you would love me to embark on!

I remain in control and God is the only one I answer to!



Hey Babe,

I hope you are having a great time away at your conference, I think you really need this time away. I hope you manage to get some quiet time to ponder and seek God as well as some fun times with others.

Love you so much, Mich xx


Oh JJ, I'm so sorry you've been feeling a bit poorly.

Not what you need when you have just started secondary school but I think you are doing really well. I'm very proud of how you have adapted to the change of hours, pace and routine.

Just don't forget to keep doing your homework each night, as if you stay on top and do a bit every day you won't end up with a backlog and a nasty Sunday afternoon where you have to spend hours catching up.

Also, remember that you do not have to be perfect or top of the class at everything. I know you are a super bright boy but sometimes it is absolutely fine to just try your best. No need to get worried that you cannot sketch at the level the art teacher wants. You have no idea what the teacher wants. I believe he just wants you to give it a good go and maintain a positive attitude.

Love you JJ. Mum xx


Dear Mum and Dad,

It was really nice to have you here last week and I'm so glad we got to spend some time together without the kids, so we could have a couple of conversations without interruptions every few moments. I particularly was glad to get you up on top of the world (well the south coast at least) to see Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters cliffs.

I'm looking forward to our girlie weekend in a couple of weeks Mum and so are the girls. We should have a lot of fun.

Life really does change as everyone grows older and I'm sorry things are so busy that we can't have you here to stay so much anymore but it is good for us all to evolve and change with the times and to gain new interests. As you know I'm starting my Spanish classes next week and I love volunteering at Ash, at the Food Bank and at school.  I hope you find something that really suits you and feeds your soul too Mum.

Lots of love, your baby, Michelle xx


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Thanks a lot, have a fantastic week, Mich x

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