Thursday 18 July 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful - Keeping it in the day (week 29, year 3)

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Good morning all, how are you this fine and sunny day? I'm still living in limbo, surrounded by boxes avidly waiting to move and praying the house sale goes through - it all takes time and is very good at helping to me to learn patience and also to trust in God.

When I was thinking about #R2BC this week and what I might theme it around I realised that I needed to redevelop my 'attitude of gratitude' and as such I went through Wednesday with my eyes wide open spotting every opportunity to say thank you to the Lord for all the good in my life.

Here is a list of every blessing or opportunity I saw to see Grace in small things -
  • I woke in a comfy bed, after a full nights sleep and next to me was a softly snoozing little beauty (Miss E, the girls are sharing my bed at the moment as a treat as Daddy is not here)
  • The kids all got ready for school in good time and we were there early enough for a play for them and chat for me
  • I got some more packing done and I would say the house is now at least 90% done
  • The sun is shining brightly and as such my washing is drying super quick
  • The change of address cards have been sent to our relatives and friends
  • I did anther charity shop drop and now some others can benefit from the girls books and puzzles that we gave away
  • My chicken salad wrap for lunch was super yummy
  • I got a load more free boxes for packing I treated myself to an electric screwdriver to take the beds apart tomorrow (it's all rock and roll here)
  • The estate agent chased up our buyer and things seem to be on track
  • I bought all the cards I need for the August birthdays, nothing like getting organised
  • A gift card I was waiting for arrived and I treated myself to a couple of things at Debenhams in the sale
  • Watching JJ and his class in their little music performance, a 15 minute interlude of calm
  • Watching the kids have a water fight in the garden before their shower, they love this so much
  • All the kids falling asleep with minimal fuss tonight
  • Watching the Apprentice final and seeing the Luisa did not win
  • Getting an early night myself
I can't not mention the great weekend we had with dh as well and we so look forward to being back with him full-time in a couple of weeks.

Blogger of the week

This week I'd like to shout to a great blogger that I met at BritMums Live this year. Jo blogs at Ojos World and she had been linking up to #R2BC for some time now. One of the things I have loved best about reading jo's blog is her very evident love for her husband, married for over 20 years, they appear to have a very strong and real marriage.

Join in.....
If you are new here, welcome.  Do go and have a read about why I started Reasons to be Cheerful and what I feel the key to happiness is. This is a very inclusive linky, it does not come with lots of rules. I just ask for common courtesy, write your post and link it up, say hi to me and then comment and say hi to a couple of other linked up bloggers. They should hopefully come and visit you too and we are all happy - comment love shared all round. I promise to get to you all this weekend, I'm afraid life has been manic and I missed you last week.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.  Mich x

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