Sunday 14 July 2013

Clarks 100 things to do before you are 10 - Water fun!

When Clarks told me they were launching a list of 100 things that every child should do before they are 10, I started to worry a little. My JJ is turning 10 at the beginning of October and that does not leave us long to be able to get through 100 things!

The first part of the 100 long list launched on 10th July and I think it is a great free resource to give parents a little prompter of things that could be fun to try out over the long summer holiday. The 50 Spring/ Summer activities include some corkers like hosting a great summer bake-off and creating a garden assault course.

Clarks sent me a little box of goodies and suggested a few activities that I might like to try out with my kids.  I was very pleased to see that not all of the activities require loads of preparation, time or money, there are simple ones like climb a tree. What I can say is that they are all designed to be fun.

The first task that the kids and I decided to take on was to 'enjoy water wars', activity number 32. In our box was some water bombs and I told the kids early in the day that before bath time that night they could have some fun in the garden, the excitement started to build straight away. I realised that whilst I'm a nice Mum and they love me, I'm not a spontaneous kind of fun mum and water fights would not be big on my agenda normally.

The sad news was that I could not get the water bombs to fill up, it turns out our kitchen sink mixer tap was just not made for filling water bombs. Of course I couldn't let the kids down so we filled up some bottle and they had fun with those, getting soaked in the process. What I realised is that it does not matter what they use they just want to get soaked and enjoy themselves.

Have a peek at the fun they had -

Yes, I really should have taken that washing down first!

Why don't you see what you fancy doing from the list this summer?

Disclosure: I was provided with Clarks vouchers to take part in this initiative.  I have not been told what to write and I remain honest.
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