Monday 15 July 2013

Preparing for country life

Of course I realised I would have to take lots of practical steps towards our move to the countryside but I did not realise to begin with that there would be so many things that I would need to mentally come to terms with changing. I won’t allow myself to get down though there are solutions/ plus-sides for all these little niggles.

Single lane roads
Having spent a few weekends at our new house just recently, I have learnt and been frustrated by the small, country roads. The entrance to our house (through the big country estate) is a one lane road and there are various ‘passing places’ so you have to allow at least an extra five minutes to get anywhere in case you end up reversing back so you can then go forward! Not forgetting what trouble you can get in if you take a wrong turn off one of the country roads. I am really not big on the tiny tracks there are so many of round here, I even feel nervous when dh is driving. However, just think how skilled I will become, in a few month’s time when I need to reverse park in a tight space it will be a piece of cake.

In the middle of nowhere
You then start to realise that everywhere you want to go is a long way. School is about 5 miles, the nearest shop is about the same, the nearest decent sized supermarket is more like 8 miles. A café – a good 4 mile drive and an Indian take-away well probably six. There is no walking out to the shops like I do now or nipping to the post office, oh no things will need to be planned. Just think how uber organised I will become and I’ll be making sure I combine all my jobs into one day to save on petrol costs.

Internet, what internet?
I am told that the internet on site where I live is being switched to a new router, I pray this helps as at the moment I can’t get any single in my house. Friday night saw me sitting in dh’s office at work so I could get some blogging done – is this my future? I sure hope not as it will be nice to spend my evenings with dh. What is the upside of this one? Well it is going to ensure that I only do what is necessary instead of getting pulled into all sorts of online malarkey's. Longer term I may just have to explore if we can get our own provider to our house as I’m sure JJ will be lost without his internet connection when the cold winter months come.

TV Channels
At the moment we have Virgin Media cable TV and whilst we don’t subscribe to a massive package we do have all the kids favourite channels and that helps our whirlwind Miss M to wind-down sometimes when she is too manic. At the moment here we have just a few channels that we receive via the ariel, I think we will definitely need to invest in a freeview box to help boast our channel list. How will I live without iCarly, Victorious and Jessie let alone the girls?

It sounds a bit bleak and Thursday and Friday last week I was having a bit of a crisis about what we were doing and then you spend just a couple of days here and you are captivated all over again. I can’t at the moment, g out to play with the kids in this –

We can’t pack our picnic tea and then head to the lake and enjoy time as a family, all within a 5 minute walk of our front door –

And I haven’t got instant access to 220 acres of private estate and something new to discover every day - all without getting in a car -

This is a commissioned post but it is all completely true and a post I wanted to write anyway.

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