Wednesday 24 July 2013

Growing garden peas, oh so easy!

I like a spot of gardening, you know when I have time and I have to be honest there has not been that much time of late and really I have no enthusiasm for it at the moment either. We are selling the house and moving to the countryside and that has not made me want to plant any flowers this year or tend to our vegetable patch. Right now after this heatwave our grass is like golden straw and seeing as I gave the strimmer away a couple of months back areas are a tad overgrown!

However, I just want to show you that despite my neglect the garden is still growing and the peas that dh just slung in the raised bed before he moved away have done wonderfully - despite me not watering them, nor tying them to the canes to help them grow tall! #whoops

It is so good to get the kids involved and last year they loved growing their own carrots, spuds, courgettes etc and in the future they will be even more garden savvy as the house we are going to live in has numerous fruit and veg gardens in the grounds!

I'm joining in with Mammasaurus -

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