Sunday 7 July 2013

10 Road Safety Tips from Miss M, aged 5 years

My twin girls are learning about road safety as a topic at school at the moment and I always welcome that. They get to act out little road scenes in the playground, watch DVD's, partake in lessons and then go out on a local walk and actually try out some of their learning.

Whilst both girls have been learning the same things it is Miss M who really seems taken with this topic.  It is all regarded very seriously and I love that.  As a parent there are so many things you need your child to learn and road safety tips has to be high on the essential list, I can't even bear the thought of my child being in a road accident. We get near the edge of the road and she hops off her scooter and then shouts at her twin, Miss E to get back from the edge 'Miss E, your toes are on the kerb' I hear her shout with a mischievous glint in her eye!

Today for homework both girls had to design a poster with their road safety tips -

They may be a bit hard for you to read though, so I'll list here Miss M's top 10 road safety tips for your child:

  1. If you are little hold your Mummy's hand when close to the road and as you cross the road 
  2. At the edge of the road make sure you stop, look and listen before you cross and then keep looking as you cross the road
  3. Always stop at the kerb, even if the road looks clear
  4. Always try to cross the road where you see a proper crossing, like a pelican, zebra or puffin crossing, then only start to cross the road once the green man shows or the cars have stopped for you
  5. Never run across a road, always walk
  6. Do not cross the road on a corner where you cannot see what traffic is coming and do not step out between two parked cars
  7. If you need to walk at night-time when it is dark, make sure you wear some florescent or light coloured clothing, so you can be seen
  8. Make sure you look at driveways as you walk along the path, do not run too far away from your parent
  9. Ask your Mummy and Daddy to talk to you about crossing the road safely and you can help them to decide if it is OK to cross, it is good to practise
  10. Everyone crossing the road should concentrate and never use their mobile phone on the road
I think she is pretty sensible for a little lady and school seem to have done a good job. Now I just have to work on that last one with her as so often we are crossing the road by school and she sees a friend and gets distracted. Luckily I'm there and on the ball!

Have we missed any tips that you would give your child?  Share them below....

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