Thursday 4 July 2013

Grateful for the first night in our new house #R2BC week 27, year 3

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
Last weekend we went to our new house to stay with dh (who is already there) and what a great first weekend it was. We didn't get up to anything glamorous, in fact we camped in our new bedroom on sleeping bags, duvets and camping mats.  Well, all except JJ who had his new Silentnight bed to sleep in and informs me it is brilliant (full review to follow in due course).

We unpacked twenty new pieces of furniture, all ready for dh to wax in the next couple of weeks -

We went to the beach and lazed on the stones in the balmy sun and pretended we were abroad -

Then later that day we headed down to one of the lakes with some friends and had some water fun and chill time -

It was great to get to know some of the staff a little better and spend meal times with some of the volunteers, it was also lovely to attend the local Church and of course get to chat to my dh as much as I fancied - we all miss him.

I'm well and truly on countdown for the end of the month when we move to East Sussex permanently.

Blogger of the week....
Relatively new in the scheme of things is Lou's Lake Views, it appears she first joined in with us on #R2BC back in February this year, but she has been a regular since. I love to read Lou's posts as it gives me a really different perspective on life. She says she moved to Canada to leave the stress of the UK behind and now lives a 'work to live' lifestyle rather than buying into the UK mentality of 'live to work' - sounds perfect to me.  Do hop over and say hi to Lou, she is very friendly.

Join in.....
If you are new here, welcome.  Do go and have a read about why I started Reasons to be Cheerful and what I feel the key to happiness is. This is a very inclusive linky, it does not come with lots of rules.  I just ask for common courtesy, write your post and link it up, say hi to me and then comment and say hi to a couple of other linked up bloggers. They should hopefully come and visit you too and we are all happy - comment love shared all round.

Tweet with #R2BC if you fancy and I'll find your tweets and RT them and I'll come comment if you do the same for me.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.  Mich x

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