Monday 6 August 2012

The Race Against Hunger - Play the game...

While we are all wrapped up in the glory of the Olympics here in the UK there is still a very real problem, one which is so much bigger and more important than gold medals. The eyes of the world are on London at the moment and I am pleased to see David Cameron make use of this with his global nutrition event to be held next week to coincide with the closing day of the Olympics.

Right now world leaders are in a position to act to help prevent another famine. How much of a privileged position is that? How can they sit on their hands and wait for the famine to take grip?  There really is no need to wait for us to start losing people at a rapid rate. Surely enough lives have been lost with the famine in East Africa?
There is time to change things for the people in the Sahel region. We must join together and urge David Cameron to announce the biggest ever push on hunger at his global nutrition event. This summit will be attended by influential business figures, non-governmental organisations and campaigners as well as prominent world leaders. We CAN pressure them to make a difference. When us average people stand together we CAN be heard.
One easy way is to sign’s petition to show David Cameron the strength of opinion of the British public.  Please sign and share and do it NOW, the petition will be given in to No. 10 this Friday, ahead of the summit.

But if you are the competitive type who likes a bit of fun, don’t just sign the petition, play ‘the race against hunger game’.  It will take moments to sign in via Facebook and then you can play against your friends and family.  I have to admit I was really terrible at this game and my best score was about 20 seconds!  Whereas my contact at ONE is at 6.74 seconds, I have no idea how she got that good – I hope there has not been any cheating Claire?
Go on have a go at the game and let me know the score; surely you can beat my lame 20 seconds?  Then straight after sign the petition and share it.

Thanks for walking with me in this battle against injustice. There is just ONE people and we all deserve to live.

Mich x

Click HERE to play the game, the above is just a graphic on my blog!
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