Thursday 2 August 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - Celebrating JJ (Week 31) #R2BC

Hey all, I hope you are keeping well.  I am just popping in quick to link up my Reasons to be Cheerful, which is being held over at Seasider in the City this week.  Clare is an established guest host now, she is my favourite bloggy buddy and the one I turn to when I need help and advice. Our children are also due to marry one day, so she will then be my sister in law - aren't you thrilled Clare?

I am continuing with the letter theme over the summer and this week is J.  I am sure those of you who read my blog will be able to guess what might come up for J!  For me there is only really one choice and that is my double dose of J, my little man JJ himself.

Nearly nine years ago I was blessed with a gorgeous baby who grew into a lovely boy and is continuing to flourish and make me very proud.

So I'll share with you a few reason why I love my little man so much -

*  I asked JJ to tidy his room really well this week whilst I was at work, so it would be done for the holiday period.  How many 8 year old's do you know who would dust, sweep, hoover their room, as well as sort all the drawers and shelves? He used to moan like most children and then we chatted about why I should do everything when we operate our house as a family, he got it and he now mucks in.

*  Oh yes he mucks in, this is the little boy who asks me if he can do my washing for me or empty the dishwasher.  Yes he is hoping there might be something in it for him, but for the smart boy does not ask for anything, he knows that helping will get him time with Mummy.

*  And boy does he like his time with Mummy - snuggles on the sofa, a board games together or maybe Uno and of course our Friday evening swim alone together followed by hot chocolate.  Long may he always want to spend time with me and he is such good company, we have a laugh.

*  Oh yes he thinks he is a bit of a comedian and is often found telling jokes, really horrendous jokes of course but they make him laugh and that is very infectious and the girls end up falling about too, even though they have no idea what the joke was!

*  I think I have to give him his due with the girls as well, as he often makes them cereal in the morning whilst I shower. Then if I ask him to help with their shoes he will and he will even direct them and help to get their rooms tided if this means we can all get downstairs quicker for movie time.

*  Recently he started at a football club and this is the lad who lacks agility and grace but he seems to have found his forte in being goalie, he even came home with the player of the week trophy.  Oh yes, I'm a proud Mummy.

*  One of the things I am so grateful for and I pray continues is his willingness to be honest with me and talk to me about anything and everything.  We have had some (age appropriate) sex conversations, talked about bullying, diversity, kindness, alcohol, drugs and many much more.

*  Then lastly I am grateful that he is grateful. Yes he is 8 and he forgets his manners at times but he has no expectation for big expensive things.  I bought him a pencil sharpener yesterday, it cost 79p but he was so thrilled that I got an impromptu kiss and thanks.  He often has clothes from the charity shop and he is just as happy with those as new ones.  He has even commented to me that it leaves more money for fun stuff like holidays so it is great.

I love you JJ, you are perfect to be our little boy.

There is no linky here this week, as Clare is hosting.  Pop over and see her, add the blog hop code to your post, link up and go and visit others and share the comment love.

I'll see you all when I am back from my bloggy break in September, Be blessed, Mich x

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