Monday 2 July 2012

A 24 hour journey of self discovery....

I went away with work this week.  It is the third week in a row I have stayed away from my children and due to this fact I was not really looking forward to it, but I have to say that it has been wonderful, really enlightening.
I was away at a conference for staff developers (trainers to the non-initiated) who work for universities in my local region.  We all come together and share ideas, tips and best practise to help inspire each other to do our jobs better.  Being fairly new to my role I was really up for this and have not come away disappointed at all.  So you see my time away was not supposed to be about self-discovery but some of the development exercises that we partook in really got you thinking and reflecting, examining yourself even.
Here is what I discovered about me whilst I was there –
  • That team sports can be fun
  • With some coaching I can achieve more than I expected
  • That my preconceived negative beliefs hold me back
  • That stepping out of my comfort zone is good and can be really lifting
  • That I don’t have to feel like the newbie at work, my contributions are valuable too

Isn’t that great?  What a lot of valuable learning to come from just 24 hours away from my family and everyday life.
I was in such great surroundings at Maddingly Hall, Cambridgeshire that I’ll share a few photos.

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