Thursday 26 July 2012

#R2BC - Week 30, Grateful for..... Images

Running in and running out again, work is all go, go, go at the moment and I am trying to get everything done so I can have a good break over the summer- from paid work, from blogging and from anything that feels like a stress on my life to be honest.

Following my alphabet theme, this week is ‘I’ and you know what, I found that immensely difficult.  Inspirational and incredible came to mind but I just did not have the mental capacity to do them justice, so instead I went with the word images. The images I am most grateful for are all of my family; I love to look back and would be lost without my photos. Here is a little slide show I enjoyed making on Tuesday night, I hope you enjoy….

Are you joining in with us this week? Come on, it will make you feel good, honest. Gratitude is a powerful tool I find. Choose to be happy and grateful and you choose to live a better life. Check out the #R2BC page for the backdrop to this linky. Write a cheery post, put the blog hop code at the bottom and link up. Then go and spread the blogger comment love and encourage others in their journey.

You might have seen me mention before that I am having some summer downtime and as such I have guest hosts for Reasons to be Cheerful for the next 5 weeks. I hope to still join in each week but I have to be honest and say I cannot guarantee it. Please do still go and visit my guest hosts and join in as they are all very regular contributors to this community and will be known to you I am sure.

So here is where you will find #R2BC over the next few weeks -

Week 31 - 2 August - Seasider in the City

Week 32  - 9 August - Glass Half Full

Week 33 -  16 August - Mama Owl

Week 34 - 23 August - Lakes Single Mum

Week 35 - 30 August - Cakes Photos Life

Week 36 - 6 September - Tiger Tales

Wishing you all a fantastic summer.  Remember get away from the PC and enjoy some time with your kids, I am!  Mich x

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
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