Thursday 12 July 2012

#R2BC, G is for.... girls, grades, God and gang (week 28)

We have made it to Thursday and that rain still keeps on coming, I am pleased to say I have gone beyond being fed up with the weather now and have just got used to it.  It will be such a shame though if we can not get outdoors much during the long summer holiday. Anyway enough of the glum stuff, over to the matter in hand, #R2BC.

This weeks reasons to be cheerful are bought to you by the letter G -

*  My girls - my beautiful little twinnies will be 5 next week and I can't believe that much time has flown by.  They are having a big party with about 40 kids at a local soft play centre on Tuesday and then I am never doing a full class party ever again! This weekend we are having a family day out for their birthday, we are going to the GoGoGo! show in London, the girls do not know this yet but it is so going to be their thing and I am looking forward to it, followed by a nice meal and even better both are reviews, so minimal cost (yes, cheapskate mummy!).

*  Grades - we received the three school reports this week and the girls ones were much as expected.  Miss M was called confident too many times to remember and Miss E was referred to as a shy and sensitive girl (ahh my little poppet). The real star however, was JJ. What a report!  It was one that every parent would be proud to receive, he received an A in all subjects for his attitude towards work and to be honest that is more important to dh and I than anything else.....  but then that was not all! No, he also received grades that were year 5 and 6 standard.  He has just finished year 3,  yes it is a proud mummy moment and I am so thrilled with his progress.  My little man who used to struggle so much is blossoming.

*  God - How could I not mention God?  You all must know by now that He is the pivotal point in my life and I am so pleased to be a Christian.  It is hard to watch others you love not knowing the blessings as I do but I know that in time they will come to know Christ too and find the joy in life.  To be content can never be underestimated.

*  Gang - that's you lot!  My #R2BC gang.  You are such a wonderful group of people who link up week after week.  Some of you don't post for ages but in the main people always seem to come back.  This linky seems to be remembered when people have something really wonderful to share and how perfect is that?  Thank you all.

See simple, this has literally just taken me 10 minutes to knock this post out.  Don't stew over it, just put what comes to mind.  How are you being blessed this week?

If you are new to #R2BC then hello and welcome, check out my primer, write a post, grab the blog hop code and paste it in and then link up here.  Don't forget to go visiting people and leave some comment love.

Have amazing weekends, lets pray for sunshine.  Mich x

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