Thursday 19 July 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful - The H edition... (Week 29)

Just dropping in quickly today, I have so much work on right now so that is where I am.  I'm on a bit of a summer wind down to be honest and my plan is to have a bloggy break for the month of August, so I won't be about much, I'll be enjoying time with my family.

Anyway on to H, lots of things came to mind.....  home, hugs, happiness.... but the ones that won this week are -

*  Holidays - So the first H has to be for holidays, both the going away type (which I have 2 of in the next month) and the school summer holidays in general.  Down time, hardly any commitment and hopefully some sunshine will be just perfect.

*  Happy Birthday - my young ladies are now 5  so grown up but of course that is not really the case.  T 4 & 5 year olds went really well and they received far too many presents, so I have been share some around and put some aside to go in the Operation Christmas Child shoe box gifts that we make each year.

*  Husband - This week dh and I celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and it will be great to go out and have some time together. With my counselling over the last few weeks I have been thinking lots about life, my marriage and finding myself again and I have surely realised how blessed I am with my husband.  Yes we have our niggles but he is there for all the important stuff and we make a good team.  I love you babe, thanks x.

So over to you, remember there is no pressure to follow my letter theme. Just write a happy, cheerful or grateful post, take the blog hop code from below and paste it in and then visit other linked up blogs and offer some comment love, we all love a comment after all.  Then don't forget we tweet with the #R2BC hashtag.

Have a blessed week, happy summer holidays!  Mich x

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