Saturday 14 July 2012

Sand Le Mere: What have we got to look forward to?

You may have read that I am going on a review trip to Sand le Mere Holiday Village with my family at the end of July. I am a bit like a little kid about it, as I am super excited.  Now let me just say my idea of a perfect holiday for me is not in Britain and not at a holiday park...  but and it is a big BUT, as a mum, the kids really do come first and when it comes to holidays this is their idea of a perfect holiday and thus dh and I are happy too.

So with only a couple of weeks left to go I have spent a good hour or two today investigating the park and also the local area and I thought I would share what I have found out, in case you fancy visiting there too.

I'm looking forward to a warm welcome in the brand new £4Million venue.

Some peace and quiet in the beautifully landscaped village.  Do you think I am aiming too high with this one, I will have 3 kids with me after all?

Maybe I can dump them in here to play with dh while I read a good book?

Or if the British weather lets us down (surely not, hey?) then they can try out the brand new soft play area.

I have been really good recently with my exercise, so I think I ought to take the opportunity of dh being there as a babysitter and make sure I use the new gym too.

But I am pretty sure one of my favourite parts of the holiday will be the times we spend as a family in the pool.  The simple stuff is where the best memories are made I find.

and this slide does not look too scary, so maybe they can get me on here too!

Ohh we are going to have so much fun!

Disclosure:  My family is holidaying at Sand Le Mere for 4 nights for free for the purposes of reviewing the park.
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