Sunday 11 March 2012

What do you buy for Mothers Day?

I count myself as one of the very lucky ones. I have a Mum who I get on with and I adore, she only lives about 50 miles away from me but that is about 48 miles too many.  How I would love to have her just round the corner so we could go out together and my parents could spend more time with my children as I know they would love to.

My Mum and I are quite different on the surface, she is dark, I am blond. She is slim, I am not and then you look below the surface and you see that we both adore our families, we love to shop, we care about how others are and we like to help people. There are a lot of similarities and I am pleased to have taken many good traits from my Mum.  Here we are together in 2008 at a family wedding.

In the main I find my Mum incredibly easy to buy for as she is really easily pleased.  I know the things that she likes and we have similar taste on many things. In years gone by I have bought my Mum ornaments that she collects such as dogs, David Winter cottages and Lladro figurines.  I have also introduced her to some more modern collectables such as the Willow Tree collectable angels and Spaceform glass paperweights.

There have been many times in recent years when we have used Mothers Day as a nice excuse to spend some time together without my children, going to the theatre or out for a meal and in my pre-children times we even had a spa weekend away together.  But this year, I am a bit stuck and I need some help. We went to the theatre together in January as Mums Christmas present so we cannot get another day together and I can't think of anything to buy that Mum might like.  I suppose we could go out for a meal but due to logistics of where we live and work that would mean taking all the kids and that does not really have the same appeal.

Mum did have a nice early gift in the form of a Flowercard which arrived with her yesterday, as a review item. I had not heard of flowercards before being contacted about this review to be honest but it is a good concept, fresh flowers but in a compact form. I imagine these cards would be superb for someone who was in hospital, far less cumbersome than a traditional bouquet. 

The card that my mum received was the Mothers Day Viva La Violet flowercard which retails for £19.99. Royal mail made delivery of the stunning pink box to Mum at 12.45pm and she was puzzled as to what had arrived and then upon opening the box she was greeted by a beautiful fragrance of freesia and lavendar.  The flowers were beautiful shades of white, lilac, sparkly silver and a stunning green backdrop. I have read that this card is their best seller and with over 10 years experience they must have sold a fair few of these.

Mums card was not personalised but as a customer you would choose what you wish for your card to say and it would be printed on the front of the card. There are cards for every occasions and the website is easy to navigate and choose what you fancy, you can search by occasion or range. The flowercards seem to range from about £9.99 to £26.99 with £14.99 or £19.99 being the main prices. Standard Royal Mail delivery is £2.99 and that should see your card delivered within 2 days, there is the chance to upgrade to a premium delivery service where you can guarantee the delivery day.

When I asked my Mum if she would pay £19.99 for the flowercard she commented maybe not but then my Dad said he would be happy to. If you look at the miniature bouquet, whilst it is small, it does have an awful lot of flower heads in it and they will open for some time yet. The flowers are held in oasis and expected to last for 7-10 days before you should water them with the plastic pipette which is supplied, this will then extend the life of the flowers for up to 14 days.  So bearing that in mind this £19.99 will have gone a long way.  Let's face it, you can easily spend £5 on just a card nowadays.

In all the flowercard is a nice novel idea for someone you know loves fresh flowers but maybe does not have the space for a regular bouquet to be delivered.

Disclaimer:  The flowercard was sent to my Mum free of charge for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed here are those of my family and we remain honest.
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