Monday 19 March 2012

#InnerTruth - Mindful Eating

Inner Truth

This Weeks Update

It has been a good week, my eating has been much better and I am pretty sure I have lost some weight.  I have not weighed, as I am trying to keep my head on an even keel and staying away from the scales helps with that. I can feel it in my clothes that some weight has gone though and next week I'll weigh and provide an update.

I am still steering clear of the chocolate and I thank God for helping me through this. I still have cravings and I see chocolate and desire it but I walk away and pray and know that it is not the answer.  I also remember what Lent is about, God gave up His only son for us and the least I can do is go without some chocolate and relate in a tiny way to the sacrifice He made.

I feel good and positive, I have not eaten on my emotions really and I am feeling as if I want to do another meal plan for this week and to stick to it.  I have also realised that I need to revive an old blog of mine.  I have a third blog that is completely private and no-one has access to view it.  It is call Freedom from Food Obsession and that is what I am for.  I use this blog to record what I have eaten in a day and also to let off steam and be real with myself.  As of today I am back using this blog and taking 5 minutes out of every day to be really mindful of my eating.

Mindful Eating

Talking of mindful eating, I read another chapter in my book (Feel Great, Look Great by Joyce Meyer) this week and it was superb.  A real awakening to me.  It was all about making sure that whatever I put in my mouth I do so knowingly and I make sure there is a purpose to me eating that food.

It is very easy to have a biscuit and to really enjoy it, so you have another and you really enjoy that too.  Then  all of a sudden you move into mindless eating and by the time you stop yourself and realise, you have devoured 6 or 9 biscuits and doh you are now mad at yourself as you have spoilt 'the diet' and blast it you might as well now eat what you like. Sound familiar? This would certainly have been me in the past, right now I remember that if I slip up with my eating it is just one moment in time and my good eating can start again at that very minute.  Every time I choose to think 'blow it' I let myself down.

Visualising Goals

I think I have mentioned before that I find it really hard to visualise myself as slim, my #Slimpods that I listen to always encourage me to see myself as I will be in the future and I really do try but it is immensely hard for me. Then a few weeks back, one of you lovely ladies (maybe Anthea?) told me you had a dress that you had bought and you visualise yourself in that. Eureka, I bought a dress in January in the sales that I plan to wear it to BritMums Live in June and I need to shift a good couple of stone to look good in it.  That dress is now hanging on my wardrobe door so I can look at it every day and stay motivated to fit in it.  It is working, I am starting to see the me I will be.

Thanks all for tuning in each week and supporting me on this journey.  I really appreciate your help and wise words.  Wishing you a blessed week on your path to #InnerTruth.

Mich x
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