Saturday 31 March 2012

Paultons Park: 5 Favourite Things

The new Magma ride launches 31st March 2012

Last weekend we were lucky enough to go along to Paultons Park for a press preview of their new family ride, Magma. I don't think it is any secret that I am a bit of a woss and no great thrill seeker so I did not actually ride the Magma but my brother did and he gave it the thumbs up.  Whilst it is not a Thorpe Park pull-your-hair-out scary ride it was good fun and something that could easily be ridden by kids of about 8 years or more (in his opinion).  The park markets the ride as suitable for children of 1.1 metres and 5 years or more if they ride with an adult and 1.3 metres or more and at least 8 years for the child to ride alone. None of my kids fancied braving the ride, they have inherited my scardy ways!

Before the ride starts smoke begins to pour out and this is a nice little extra which creates atmosphere and Uncle Rich tells us the views are good when you reach the top and your stomach does indeed lurch down into your shoes and then come back up again! When he looked at the ride he assumed it would be far more mild than it actually was 'it can shoot up pretty quick' was his last comment. Yes Rich, 25 metres or 82 foot in the air, that is pretty up!! The Magma looks great, it is well themed as a prehistoric volcano eruption and the staff were on the ball and friendly.

In fact this is one of the things I love about Paultons Park, the staff that you come into contact with are always fab.  Full of smiles and nothing seems too much trouble.  They must have been trained Disney Style!

5 of my favourite things about Paultons Park

I have reviewed Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World (which forms part of Paultons Park) before so I thought it would be good to share with you 5 of my favourite things about Paultons Park.  It goes without saying that there are great rides there, that is what you go to a theme park for and in my opinion Paultons is the best family theme park in the UK, certainly out of those I have tried.  Whilst the bigger names like Alton Towers, Chessington and Thorpe Park might be a little more glossy and high-brow I don't think they offer the same level of family appropriate fun and value as Paultons Park does.

Once you pay to get in, you don't need to spend again...

I love the fact that I do not have to spend money on extra attractions one I am in Paultons.  Most places have the little ride-on toys and you pay 50p or £1 for your toddler/ pre-schooler to have a go.  At Paultons the are all free. So even for the most scaredy child, like my Miss E they can still enjoy the fun.  There are also loads of play parks, sand pits, trampolines and a big bouncy castle too, all well-maintained offering simple, traditional fun. You can of course spend if you so desire but there really is no need!

There is so much greenery...

You will not at all be short of space for a family sit down or picnic.  Paultons park is set in gorgeous gardens with a stream running through it and beautiful aviaries throughout. I saw many families sitting down with their babes crawling on the grass and enjoying the shade of one of the big trees.  If the grass is not your thing there are loads of picnic benches all around too.

During our day at Paultons Park we enjoyed some of the new Ribena Plus ready made juice cartoons.  I am in love with the raspberry and apple flavour and JJ favours the mixed berries. Uncle Rich opted for the classic blackcurrant and I have to be honest and say that no-one enjoyed the apple and peach. All the drinks have no extra sugar added and there is a nice little extra surprise in each too. The Blackcurrant and Apple and Peach flavours have added vitamins A, C and E, with each 250ml serving providing 15% of your RDA in vitamin A and E and 100% of your vitamin C! The other two flavours – Mixed Berries and Raspberry & Apple – contain 15% of your RDA of calcium (for healthy bones) and 100% of your vitamin C.

We were also sent a bottle of the raspberry and apple squash and this was a firm favourite with friends that came for tea last week.  I am happy to recommend it and pleased to report that the Ribena Plus products are on sale in large supermarkets now.

The kids can safely enjoy the water as well...

Within the main park and also in Peppa Pig World there are splash areas where the kids can don their swimsuits and have some water fun.  On a hot day when your toddler is likely to get crabby, this makes perfect sense to me.  Bring a towel and store it in one of the many lockers located around the park (and they will only cost you £1 too). Just remember those sun hats and high protection sun cream!

Gold Rush Falls Golf..

I've already mentioned that my kids are not the most thrill seeking and attractions like the free crazy golf make Paultons Park really worth while.  JJ loves to put a little round of golf and here he can indulge time and time again if he so wishes, with no strain on my pocket!

The washroom facilities are really good...

I know this is a tad boring but things like this do make a difference.  When you have two 4 year olds who constantly want the loo, to be able to always find one that is clean is fantastic. There are low sinks for the small kids, the hand dryers are at a height they can reach and the toilets all have sturdy 2 seat lids for little bottoms. Only once in the 30 or so times I have ever used the toilets at the park have I been less than impressed.

So there we go, 5 aspects of Paultons Park that you do not always get to hear about. If you like a good family day out then do take a trip there this summer especially if you have kids under 1 metre as they will enter the park free of charge - perfect for Peppa Pig World!

Disclaimer: My family were allowed to enter free of charge to Paultons Park for the purposes of riding Magma.
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