Thursday 23 February 2012

#R2BC Week 8 - Grace in Small Things

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
As I cleaned my house this morning I worried that I had no topic for #R2BC this week.  Nothing was coming to me easily and I wondered what I might write.  Then as I sat down and opened my laptop I knew what God was telling me, I just ought to keep it simple and stick with the roots of #R2BC.

So here are the things that are making me cheerful right now -
  1. The downstairs of my house is all clean, not spotless but clean, enough so that
  2. the lovely Clare and little J can now come and stay tomorrow and I don't have to feel worried about the state of my house (not that she would care)
  3. I am so looking forward to our chilled weekend, good food, getting to know each other better and the kids having fun
  4. Dh is on the mend, he has some more movement back and this is wonderful. (He strained a ligament last Friday night after being really ill the whole night and has been in bed since)
  5. I am off to pilates in half an hour and that makes me feel so alive
  6. The girls and I are off to tea at a friends tonight, it will be great.  It is a woman I love and do not see enough
  7. New Bloggers Fortnight was received really well and I hope lots of people have been helped.
So over to you.....  I am sure you know the drill by now.  Write a cheery post, what is making you happy, cheerful, grateful right now?  Link it up here and hop over to a few others blogs, read and share some comment love.  You know how it works basically, leave a comment and I'll come visit you and say hi too. Check out the #R2BC tab if you want to read more.

Have a great week, Mich x

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