Sunday 5 February 2012

Monday #Mumentum - Stretching out my Hand

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Review of the Week
This last week has been an interesting one.  It is the first week since I started my journey towards the new healthy me that I have not been to Pilates.  The logic was that at £14 a lesson I should perhaps go fortnightly as it is a lot of money, but I have really missed it and what I have learnt is that my one Pilates lesson keeps my whole week focused.  So I won't be making the mistake of missing any more. I have been much better with my food this week, I did not manage to stick to my food plan exactly but my eating has been much better and I have been really aware of what I have put in my mouth, which is a good thing.

I weighed myself this morning and the scales told me 17st 4lb, putting me back on track. I have had a 5lb loss in January, nothing major but certainly heading in the right direction, and moving down one notch on my belt was confirmation of that and gave me a smile on my face.

I have done my exercise DVD a few times and I have been good at going to bed, even indulging in one 9pm night, which for me is nothing short of a miracle.

On Thursday I had  a super chat with Sandra from Thinking Slimmer and she reassured me that my eating habits were generally just learned behaviour rather than being linked to emotional trauma, so hopefully they should be fairly easy to break with the right programming.  I am awaiting the arrival of the chocoholics slimpod and am looking forward to listening to that and feeling the effect that many others have felt - that I just do not want to eat chocolate any longer.  Wow, how freeing that will be!

Short Term Goal
Sandra reminded me that goals are really important and to make sure they are short-term as the mind likes to focus on quick wins. So my goal for the next 2 weeks, which will take me up to 20th February is to drop another belt notch. I'll keep you posted...

Daily Motivational Email
A couple of weeks ago a new blogger, Keeley, read my Mumentum post and pointed me in the direction of Crosswalk, a Christian website that emails daily or weekly devotions on many areas of life.  One of those is dieting and as a Christian I have found it really useful to be reminded each day of the Christian perspective on my struggle with food. Let me share one of the emails I received this week that really spoke to me.

Psalm 46:1

"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."

My grandmother had a favourite picture that showed Jesus stretching out His hand to Peter while they were walking on the sea. It gave my grandmother great comfort to know that if she ever failed in her faith, Christ would stretch out His loving hand to lift her up. Whenever she dieted, she kept that picture close at hand. When the diet got too hard for her to cope with, she looked at her picture and felt God present with her. When we attempt to sacrifice anything, it is good for us to admit that we will have a hard time doing it on our own. When we stretch forth our hand to God, He will always reach back.

Today's thought: When my diet gets toughest, God will be closest.
How reassuring is that? I need to remember that each time things feel tough and yes that is at least once a day if not more.  This cutting down and being healthy lark is far from easy.
How has your week been? Do share how you are managing to stay on track, I'd love to hear any tips.
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