Tuesday 11 January 2011

WYOO 3D Cinema? & Disney Tangled Review

You see that Villain on the right?  That's my JJ!
Any idea what WYOO means? I am not sure if it is a widely used acronym or if it just came from a Parenting forum that I used to frequent!

Anyway, WYOO stands for What's your opinion on.... and in this case I am asking about 3D cinema. I have to say that for me until last Sunday I was thinking that 3D cinema was over hyped and a bit of a let down. I kept waiting for those pop out of your screen kind of scenes - you know the sort that you get at the Imax. Then this Sunday I got to see a special preview of Disney's 50th animated Film, Tangled and boy did my opinion on 3D change. Instead of being full of gimmicks I came to realise that the 3D experience with most films just adds that extra special bit of magic. I'll be interested to hear what you think though..... leave me a comment.

So Disney Tangled, what can I tell you? I loved it, my dh loved it, JJ loved it and the twins loved it too. So that is all five of us ranging from 3 years to 37 years loving this film. It really has something for everyone in it. Disney have taken the classic tale of Rapunzel and turned it on it's head, creating something that is really unique and inspiring too. It is a beautiful tale of how two totally different young people from diverse backgrounds and experiences can meet by chance and go on a life changing adventure together and of course being Disney, they fall in love and the ending is happy - just how it should be.

I expected to go and see a classic Disney Princess tale and it is anything but. This film can be described as a comedy that will have you doing belly laughs - well it did me anyway! It is also a musical and there were some particularly good songs in it, such as Mother Knows Best.

My personal favourite character was Maximus the Captain of the Guards Horse. How they managed to make an animated horse so realistic and hilarious is beyond me, but it is done just perfectly.

Dh loved the simplicity of the tale and he found Flynn Rider a very authentic and appealing hero. While of course the girls just loved Rapunzel and her beautiful 70 foot magical golden hair (Just like mine, commented Miss M, well it would have been if she had not of cut it herself just before Christmas!).  Many a game of Rapunzel throw down your hair has been played in our house in the last couple of days.

My JJ thought that Pascal the mini chameleon lizard and Rapunzel's personal friend was a great character and he has since found out you can get Pascal toys so I know what he is now saving for.

I won't spoil the story for you and reveal too much but I can say that watching the trailer for this film you only get a glimpse of all the great stuff contained in the film.  You will not be disappointed, I assure you.

Our family will be giving this film a excellent 5/5 rating and we will definitely be buying it when it is released on DVD.

Tangled is out in the UK at cinemas from 28 January 2011.  Take a look at the trailer...

This is a review post.  I was invited to London to the Disney Office to watch the Tangled with my family.  We were also lucky enough to meet Mickey Mouse, have a nice lunch and receive some goody bags on leaving.  As per always I remain honest in my write up.  Thank you Disney for your super hospitality.
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