Saturday 8 January 2011

Pick of the New Parenting Bloggers

I have been chatting to lots of new bloggers just recently.  Not really sure how this has come about but I am very glad.  I love to make new friends and at last I feel as if I know a bit about blogging and that my blog is starting to be a pretty successful place (549 page views yesterday!  whoop, whoop!), so I can offer some advice and encouragement to some new bloggers and I do love to be helpful.  A few years back I moderated a twins board on a parenting forum and this 'job' gave me immense pleasure and now I am feeling that same good vibe by offering a friendly ear to some new bloggers.

I thought I would share with you some of my favourite new bloggers finds!  Go and have a read over this weekend, cup of tea in hand and share some blogger love with these newbies -

Bod For Tea Do you remember the children's TV character Bod?  If no, then you are too young, as I do. I don't know this lady's name so I will call her Bod!  She started blogging on 31 December 2010 and I like what I see so far, a beautiful clean looking blog.

Welcome to the World William & Esther Jennie has 23 week old twins and has just found her mojo for writing again, after starting her blog back in August 2010.  I thoroughly enjoyed having a look around earlier.

SAHMLovingIt Another one who started her blog on 31 December 2010!  I get the vibe that Heather and I would get on well in real life.  Do you ever get that?  when you meet someone on line and think 'ohh I like them'?

Hazel and Blue Becky describes herself as a crafty Kiwi mum living in beautiful Blighty.  Her blog is also brand new but is the full package- pretty crafty things, kiddie pictures & posts and yummy baking.

Ghostwritermummy set up her blog as she was avoiding real work at the end of October 2010.  Sound familiar to any of you? lol Many a post has made me smile on this blog.

Helloitsgemma'sblog This blog has been around since October 2010 and I feel as if Gemma has been around for ever (in a good way).  She certainly fits right in with the blogging/ tweeting community.
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