Thursday 6 January 2011

We're So Excited!

There have been three very excited girls in our house today and in fact excited for quite some time!
Two of those girls are age 3 and are justified in their excitement and the other 'girl', for I am using that term very loosely is a big 37 years old and is in fact me!

My babies started school today, you know those tiny little tots who used to share one moses basket together? They set off this afternoon for their 2.5 hours at a real big school, JJ's big school.  Wearing their cute little green and grey outfits - they had not a care in the world.  Mummy, who is she?  We are at school and we will have fun.....

I could hardly even get a photo of them together in their special little outfits - the excitement was too much!  They woke in the night, would not eat breakfast, were hyper and Miss M even had a little accident (so unlike her) - all in the name of this big event which has happened in their lives today!

Mummy's excitement has changed to a bit of mummy worry now and a strange kind of unneeded feeling but I know this will only last a day or two.  I have been so excited for weeks as I will be having 3 afternoons (well 3 hours a day) to myself each week.  One of those days I will be working at home, one I will help sometimes with some Church stuff and be a school parent helper in JJ's class and the other one really is free.  3 hours to choose to do what I like - relax, blog, read, clean up or exercise - these are my options at the moment.  Watch this space to see what I get up to!
Miss E
I am so excited! I can not stand still!

Miss M
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