Thursday 2 December 2010

You've Got A Friend...

We have a whole new era starting in our house.  It really is a milestone and I have to say that I am a bit nervous. My youngest children, my twinnies are about to start school. Big step. Like, really Big Step!

I know some people would poo poo it, saying it is just nursery school and just half days but they have to wear a uniform and they will start to call people by their surname and I will go in for parents evenings, so it feels like the real thing!  Of course, school is not anything new to me as JJ has been going for a few years now but this means that a couple of afternoons I will have a few short, precious hours to myself.  Time I can choose what I want to do. The obvious things, well obvious to me, would be to clean, iron, blog, catch up on jobs, do the weekly shop but I might just indulge myself and have one afternoon a week to relax, read, catch up on some TV or something really decadent and of my own desire. So that is the first big change.

That however is not an issue, of course not!  The part I am nervous about is that Miss E is saying she does not want to start school. She wants to be Mummy's baby and stay home with me. She even started to wet herself quite regularly up to a week or so ago and I wonder if that was linked to the stress of this new adventure. Miss M is the opposite and has been asking for weeks when she will start and when she can play in the great nursery garden and use the paints and 'puters! This is where the twin thing is a God send, my sensitive little soul Miss E does not have to do this alone, she has her friend.  Her confident and vivacious younger twin to take her hand and guide (or drag as may the case) her along in this special journey they are about to undertake together.

Both girls have been going to nursery since they were 16 months and they visit school most days to drop or collect JJ so it is somewhere completely familiar to them.  You would therefore be forgiven for thinking this is no biggie but for some reason in Miss E's little mind it is.  It is really different for her.  We visited school on Tuesday with the girls for a newcomers meeting and they got to visit their classroom.  We walked in and Miss M charged off and set up shop bossing the older kids around but Miss E stayed close to us and just as my heart went out to her Miss M came back grabbed her hand and said 'come on Miss E' with a bored, what are you waiting for kind of tone!  She did look for us a few times and did not go too far but it was a step and it really lightened my load to know that Miss E had a friend.

So tomorrow is another step, the girls are trailing an afternoon session at nursery school on their own.  I will drop them and collect them 2 hours later. I pray my poppet will be OK and will enjoy her time there but Miss M has already told me it is OK as she is with Miss E and they will have loads of fun.

I can not even imagine how amazing it must be to go through life always knowing that there is someone else there to support you and be with you and it does not just work one way.  When Miss M hurts herself and cries Miss E will wrap her arms around her and stroke her hair (just like Mummy) and tell her it is OK.

I pray that forever my girls stay close and I look forward to the day when I can see them married with the other as their Chief Bridesmaid. I might be hoping for too much, but we all have to have our little daydreams!

Like the words of the song - Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall all you have to do is call and I'll be there, yes I will.  You've got a friend!

This post is serving a dual purpose!  It is my entry for the Multiples Mayhem carnival that I am hosting here at Mummy From The Heart... on 9th December 2010 (you are welcome to join in if you have a post about your multiples that you want to send me a link to by 6th December) and much of it was inspired by Josie's Writing Workshop.  This weeks theme is a song title and the one that got chosen was You've got a friend - because how true is that? As a twin you always have an amazing strength to draw on in your very own twinny.

Enjoy this youtube clip and watch James Taylor and Carol King perform their hearts out!  A real classic... and of course a karaoke favourite, but that is another post entirely!
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