Friday 24 December 2010

Snow Fun

Lets be honest, what does every UK Mummy blog need right now? 

Yes, a mandatory snow post.  I had not as yet succumbed but now is the time.  I am sure my family and friends would love to see the kids enjoying this beautiful weather and who would have guessed how much fun a trampoline would be with a few inches of snow on it!

On our way to Church...

We love the sledge!

Our snowy house

Fun building snow castles

My arty shot! (lol)

Cold Mummy!  Like the hat?

Not content with the garden lets move outside for a snow fight!

I love the fountain at work right now

An icy dh, after walking 3 miles home from town pulling JJ on the sledge with no gloves! Brrrr

My cold little boy

...and in case you missed my last blog post.  Have a very Merry Christmas.  Thanks for reading Mummy From The Heart...    Mich x
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