Tuesday 21 December 2010

Nomination for Dad of the Year Retracted!

So last week I was posting about how fab dh is and what a great daddy he is.  I even suggested he could be Dad of the Year.  Well scrap that!  The nomination is being retracted....

Want to know why?

I came home last Tuesday from work to find that Miss M had emptied a massive new tub of talcum powder all over upstairs - in my shoes, in her room, in the bathroom, in bags etc etc.  Dh had done a pretty good job of clearing up, although I had to scrub the hoover and in fact I think it might just pack up as funnily enough it did not seem to like 1000ml of talc!

These things happen, I have had shit times when the girls have run rings round me too, I am not perfect and if I am honest one of my first thoughts last week was I wish he had taken a photo - would have been good for the blog.  Very #sad I know!

All was forgotten, we have continued with the week and then today, it is Tuesday again and I get home from work and all seems fine.  The house is quite messy but a full snow day in and 3 lively, excited for Christmas kids do that - no problem!  I enjoy my chicken casserole, mash and veg and we sit and chat and I keep looking at Miss M.  She looks different and I can not put my finger on it.  Why?  Maybe she just looks a little older?

Bath time, dh takes them up while I start to clear up and down comes dh with a clump of beautiful white gold hair in his hand.  Who's is that?  Oh wait, my baby has white gold hair....... That is why Miss M looks different, she has got hold of the nail scissors today and given herself a hair cut.  Little bugger, terror, minx but you know what, she looks good.  It actually suits her.  The clever little lady has managed to give herself layers all round the front of her face, framing it.  I just can not believe it and it is hard to keep a straight face.  So what does the bad mummy blogger in me do, take a snap and promote completely the wrong message to her, making her think it was funny rather than serious! 

Tomorrow will now involve a trip to the hairdressers to see if they can even up her hair.  It could well be a short bob by the next time you see her.  Thank goodness she did not do any more serious damage and end up with a trendy asymmetric cut!

So there lies the reason why dh can not longer be nominated for Dad of the year, two weeks in a row he has taken his eye off the ball and they have caused havoc!  Who would have twins?  lmao

How can she have cut off this much hair and still look cute?
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