Thursday 16 December 2010

Writing Workshop: Snuggling on the Sofa...

It is 1981 and a winter’s night, I’m cuddling my mummy and we have pulled the sofa right across the front room so it is close to the warm fire and we are watching some television. My younger brother has gone to bed, my Dad has gone out to watch a football match and now it is time to watch something we enjoy together – just my Mum and me. We are watching some kind of drama on the TV, perhaps Tenko or Prisoner Cell Block H. Both programs I felt very grown up to be watching, just my Mum and I.

We are chatting away, as we do. I am thrilled that we get on so well, even then when I was just about to blossom into a teenager. I could and still can chat to my Mum about anything. On this evening we are talking a bit about when my Mum was a young girl and she decides to share with me a poem she wrote when at school. I have always loved this poem and felt it should have been published. So here for the first time my Mums poem will be published –

I nearly fell asleep last night in daddy’s deep armchair,
when peeking round the clock I saw a tiny fairy there.
She came and sat amongst my curls and whispered in my ear,
what is the one word in the world the one you love to hear?
I thought at first of things to eat, of all things sweet and nice,
of chocolate drops, peppermint and ice cream pink and white.
I could not make up my mind, first one thing, then another,
then all at once of course I knew and whispered quietly, Mother.

It is so true, when I am down and troubled I turn to my Mummy! Thankfully I can also turn to my Mum to celebrate and be joyful. Looking forward to seeing you again soon Mum. xx

This post was written for Josie's writing workshop over at Sleep is for the Weak.
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