Tuesday 14 December 2010

Dads Matter: Why My Kids Are So Lucky!

Have I ever told you how blessed my kids are? They have possibly one of the best daddies anywhere in the world. Let me tell you why -
  • This daddy will do all the things that some men might say are just for a woman to do - bathing, dressing, nappy changing, sick cleaning - it all!
  • When one of the children is poorly and wake in the night, daddy will go to them if he wakes first, he will sooth them, snuggle with them, clean them up - whatever is needed.
  • When daddy looks after the kids all day when I am at work on a Tuesday they go on trips to museums in London, parks, soft play, shopping, adventure walks - everywhere.  Tuesday is a far more exciting day for the twins than most days with mummy.
  • Daddy takes JJ out for 'boys days' - they cycle their bikes, go to daddy's work together, travel round London on the tube,  go away on camp and generally enjoy each others company.
  • Daddy likes to snuggle with all the kids and watch a good movie.
  • As long as daddy is home he helps every night to get the children ready for bed and he sits and reads with and to them.
  • Daddy will cook the kids favourites meals for them.
  • Daddy is a cub leader and he often takes JJ with him and will help with Beavers when an extra pair of hands are needed.  He has also recently started to help in JJ's children's church class.
  • Most nights daddy will sit at the table with us and eat dinner and listen as the kids talk about their day.
  • Unlike mummy, daddy is kind and will share the food off his plate when the children decide his looks better than theirs did earlier! (on the nights he comes in later).
  • This daddy comes on school visits, attends parents evenings, watches assemblies and basically changes his working hours to show JJ that he matters and school is important.
  • Daddy always sides with mummy and presents a unifed front, thus teaching the children about boundaries and choices with consequences.
Can you tell that I sort of like my kids Daddy?  Oh all right then, I'll say it - I really love him.

I have felt inspired to write this post as often Dads seem to get forgotten in favour of Mums being seen as the primary carer and the important one.  I do not agree with this at all.  Both parents have a equal role to play in the upbringing of children. I know dynamics can change from parents separating and such but I count myself lucky that dh and I want to stay together and keep our marriage alive.

Last week (I know, I know - I am late, sorry) was National Dads Matter Week and The ParentChannel.TV have published this short video which provides an insight into why the role of a dad is important and it offers tips to help dads get more involved.  Why not have a quick watch and try and inspire your kid's dad to be a bit more involved in their children's lives?

It does not have to be anything big or expensive, just sitting at the dinner table and really listening to your child talk about their day at school can make a massive difference to them and if you are a Dad reading this and you want to be more involved then chat to your partner and let her know, you only get one shot at this - make it count!

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