Saturday 4 December 2010

Progress Not Perfection!

This morning whilst making my bed I realised that I can not even remember the last time I slept in bed past 8.30am.  Then came the revelation, I didn't care!  Not in a sulky kind of 'nobody loves me' I don't care kind of way but in the 'I don't mind in the slighest'.

What a change this is!  I often used to hanker after the long lie-in.  Dh can still be found in bed at 10am on a Sunday and many a time I wondered why he got all the luck.  Then more recently I have started to think about life differently.  Should I really be feeling hard done by when my life in general is completely blessed. Do I want to trade places with dh?  Do I have a desire to work 5 long days including every Saturday and have the weight of knowing that I have the main job which pays the mortgage - hell no! (as Gok Wan would say).

So today I am very thankful for the progress I am making in recovery and overwhelmed with the gratitude and love for the people I have found at my fellowship.  I may still be fat on the outside but inside I am feeling more sane and recovering day by day.  As the 12 step program says it is progress and not perfection that is our aim. Today I am OK, I feel good about myself.

Don't you think progress not perfection is just the best slogan? It is so easy to beat yourself up and label yourself a failure when actually if you are trying hard and making tiny steps then this is plenty.

May you all be blessed today, thanks for stopping by  Leave me a comment and spread the love. I promise to come visit you all.

Mich x

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