Wednesday 29 December 2010

Baileys, Cheese and Chocolate!

That sums up my Christmas indulgences in one neat sentence and boy have there been quite a few indulgences over the last 3 weeks or so. I really need to take stock and start to think about abstinence again and getting my food obsessions back in check but to be honest I am not quite ready yet. I am enjoying this down time, not only with my food but also with my need to keep the house spick and span and it is so amazing to not have to be at work.  Waking in the morning and wondering what we all might do together is a once a year luxury that I really am going to savour.

I was on facebook earlier and someones status caught my eye, it basically said something along the lines of 'Why do people prepare for Christmas for weeks and then wish it is over in 48 hours?'  and this really struck me. By the end of 27th Dec I was desperate for a bit of normality.  I can only take chaos and non order for a short time and I just felt the need to clean things up.  If I could take all the cards down and dust without upsetting everyone else in the house and looking like a complete 'bah humbug fool' I would! 

I know I am not alone as I found a post earlier from Frugal Mom who was asking when she could take her tree down? and some of the commenter's also agreed that they would like to take theirs down too. I know it does not mean that we do not enjoy Christmas, just some of us like to get straight again!  I am the same when I go away on holiday.  I am then pleased to come back and especially pleased when all the washing, ironing and unpacking is complete. Yes, I do realise some people regard me as completely sad!

So now I have revealed my anal nature! Not only am I a food obsessive, I am also obsessed with order, tidiness, organisation and routine, but I will fight my natural urges to sort and clean for at least the next week and just enjoy time with my hubbie and kids.  Today we did an impromptu trip to London and the kids went to Build A Bear and had a complete ball.  Then when we came back Mary Poppins was on and it was wonderful to sit and watch that and have a lazy tea of jacket spuds!  Long may this luxury last.

But what about you - how has your Christmas holiday been?  Are you still enjoying the down time?  or ready to get back to normal?
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