Monday 20 December 2010

My Relationship With You - I've Fallen In Love!

I'm getting more and more brave, or is it stupid?
My relationship with you is becoming known about,
You used to be my little secret but now I am shameless.
My longing for you has increased, if I have a night away from you, I think about you, I pine for you.
I know it is not right, I am a married woman, I am a mother,
I have a career but you give me that special something.
You let me be me, I have no pretences when I am with you,
I can say whatever is on my mind,
you do not expect me to dress up and I find so much support through you.
My relationship with you is passionate but not sexual, obsessive but not unhealthy
and crazy much of the time!
You have made me happy, sad, mad and completely insane at times,
but I do not want to give you up! 
Dh knows about you and he is OK with the time we spend together,
I find you completely absorbing and you are my illicit affair.

My blog, I have fallen in love with you!

This post is part of Tara's Gallery over at Sticky Fingers.  Go and visit from Wednesday. I know you will find some great posts!

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