Monday 8 June 2009

Trying not to be down

I feel a bit blah today and I am trying really hard not to. I know that it is just a state of mind (it could be hormonal too - I lose track!) and I can work hard to stay in good form and not to allow other people or events to affect my mind state.

So far today I have forgotten to bring my handbag to work - so have no money, phone or entrance card for work. I then got to work and realised I had forgotten to give the girls dummies to nursery - so I do hope they have managed to go off to sleep without them.

About noon I was just walking out the door to go to aqua aerobics when something made me check my bag and low and behold I have forgotten my swimsuit - so glad I did not walk all the way over there to find out. I could really have done with a good jump around and to know I have actively participated in my health kick today.

I have been good with food so far today but it is constantly on my mind and it feels a real battle today. So the answer must be that I should pray.

Then I will call my hubbie and try to clear the air, I hate it when it feels as if we are out of balance with each other.
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