Saturday 6 June 2009

Today I have a problem............. is a tad annoying but I can live with it. I have to keep pulling up my jeans as they are now too big! and my best belt seems to be missing!

Now that is the sort of problem that I like! lol

I tried on a few things last night/ this morning and I am really starting to see the difference. I think the 100-150 crunches that I am doing every day are starting to have an impact. I need to sell my beautiful Monsoon dress I wore twice in December as it literally falls off me now and there are some summer items I have got out of the drawers that I can get into.

I weighed this morning (was feeling so excited) and was pleased to see I am at 15st 13lb. Back down into those magic 15's............... roll on the 14's!

OK, slow down Mich, one day at a time remember.
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