Sunday 7 June 2009

For today: Just Being

I was reading my 'for today' book this morning and the days reading really appealed to me. I did not realise it would at first as it was talking about the knowledge that I possess being available to others but that my heart is just my own. It then went on to say that the 12 steps open my heart, free my mind and release my God-given potential for the peaceful enjoyment of just being.

I am sure you may have read me banging on about how much I 'do' and how little I spend time just 'being' so this really spoke to me. Yet again I feel that God has reinforced that he wants me to slow down and spend time really getting to know him and also myself. For someone like me this is so liberating - it is OK to play with my kids, lay on a bed to think and just wonder around alone.
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