Sunday 21 June 2009

End of week 8 update

I was on hols last Thursday so I did not weigh and did not even think about the fact it was weigh day and that feels good. I did weigh this morning though and not surprisingly I was up to 16st 2lb, so a put on of about 5lb in just over a week. My holiday was fab though and if I am honest whilst I was marginally better than holidays in the past I was not at all abstinent.

I took my 'for today' book with me and there was some good and relevant readings but I hardly read any literature at all. So when I wake in the morning, it all starts again - once more - and this time I pray that by the grace of God it will be successful. I so do not want to pass this awful disease to my children and every day I still act irrationally around food they are learning those early habits.
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