Thursday 28 July 2016

Easy Summer Days #R2BC

Happy Thursday, I hope you are well and enjoying the summer weeks. I'm so glad the kids have broken up from school and we have enjoyed a fairly low key week so far. It all ramps up from the weekend so this time of relaxation is very necessary.

At the weekend we took a couple of visits to Battle Abbey as it is only a short drive from our home and now we have English Heritage membership, there is no cost to us. The weather was so nice and it was bliss to lay on the grass chatting to my hubby whilst the kids went off and played together. There was even a wedding in the grounds on Sunday and this meant we could enjoy the live music.

Monday I let the little ladies have a good shop. It was their birthday last weekend and they received money from a number of people so they loved finding themselves a bargain at Claire's, New Look, H&M and BHS. I even sat on the bench outside two shops and let them go in and do their shopping alone (as long as they stayed together).

Tuesday was a real treat as some friends we haven't seen for a couple of years drove down to visit us and took us out for a delicious lunch. It is always nice to welcome friends to our home as anyone who hasn't been here before is normally blown away by the beautiful surroundings we get to live in.

Wednesday was a classic easy home day, Miss E and I baked some cakes, did a little housework, read a book, watched some TV and did some crafts. Miss M was happy helping up at the main house and JJ was playing online with some school mates. I don't mind the odd day where he has a tech fest as long as he has plenty of fresh air and other activities too.

Over to you...
It is now your turn. What about you, what are you up to? Why don't you write a post and link it up with us? The Reasons to be Cheerful gang have always been a friendly and inclusive group, so if you join in and visit others I know you'll find the same happens for you and if you fancy adding a link or my badge please feel free to do so but no pressure.

If you want to share and tweet use #R2BC and I'll then see it and can share it too.

Wishing you a fabulous week and I look forward to reading your posts. Mich x

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DONT FORGET - R2BC will be back with Becky next week over at Lakes Single Mum as she'll be hosting it for August.

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