Friday 15 July 2016

10 Top Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Abroad

I don't know about you but I always draw a blank when thinking about what to buy the members of my family who live abroad. I have to admit that I've been guilty in the past of sending some money via PayPal and asking my Cousin to get a present that their child would like and whilst this does leave the child happy it feels to me like I passed the buck!

With more family birthdays coming up I wanted to be better organised this year so I asked some of my friends who live abroad what ideas they have and here is the top 10 that we came up with -

1.  Cupcakes - Who doesn't love a cake on their birthday? Lucy at Lish Concepts suggested using the internet to check out a local cupcake delivery company and spoiling your loved one with a dozen!

2.  Cadburys Chocolate Hamper - On the subject of food, what better reminder of home than a Cadburys hamper filled with all their favourite childhood treats? This is definitely a gift that would appeal to me, I can't imagine not having access to Cadburys Buttons, Double Deckers or Curly Wurlys and I assume nor could Sarah who recommended this gift.

3.  A Plane Ticket - I have to say that this gift would never have occurred to me in a million years but I suppose having lived as an expat for years means Carolin is more savvy than I. She suggested that her favourite gifts were when family clubbed together to get her a ticket to go home or they came over to see her.

4. Gorgeous seasonal flowers - Every lady loves to receive flowers and my Aunt is no different, I'm lucky to have found a great local company for Perth flower delivery with Flowers for Everyone. These pink stargazer lilies catch my attention every time as they were my wedding day flowers, so they always give me a great sense of nostalgia.

5.  Unique Jewellery from Etsy - I have to be careful not to head onto Etsy too often as I could lose myself there for days. I always find there are some wonderful pieces of jewellery, something to suit everyone and the costs can be really reasonable.

6.  A beautiful personalised leather journal/ notebook - Men can be far harder to buy gifts for and that is why I'm glad that I have recently discovered Hope House Press as they make the most divine soft leather covered notebooks and journals. I defy any man to not be happy with one of these books.

7.  British Hamper - Another expat friend, Emma suggested that her favourite gifts whilst living away from the UK are normally food that reminds her of home. Things like proper tea, bacon, cheddars, quavers, marmite, twiglets, chocolate.....  the list goes on and on. There are plenty of companies on the internet that will pack you a hamper of traditional British goods to send abroad.

8.  Photo Gifts - Especially those that will remind your loved one of home or a great memory. I suspect we have all seen mugs, mousemats, phone cases and keyrings personalised with a family photo or scene, but have you heard of a personalised splashback for your kitchen? I hadn't but Carolin told me it was what her parents once bought her as a gift. The skyline from her hometown to install in her English kitchen - just brilliant.

9.  Personalised keyring - If you have a little one, then why not make a beautiful silver fingerprint keyring to send to your loved one abroad. Grandparents will adore having a part of their grandchild with them always.

10.  Memory Box - Choose a sturdy box and decorate it and then type up as many great memories that you remember yourself and the loved one sharing and put these elaborate notes into the box. This personalised gift is sure to delight the recipient and they can even space out reading the notes and enjoying this gift over quite some time.

So there you have it, our list of ten great ideas for gifts to send to family and friends abroad. Some super easy and just requiring the internet and a credit card and others you need to pour our heart into and take a bit of time over.

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