Tuesday 19 August 2014

JJ has his first taste of designer sports brands...

I recall being a young teenager and all I wanted for my fourteenth birthday was a shiny new Puma tracksuit top to go with my Nike and adidas ones. I had the big white Nike trainers with the fluorescent laces, the pale blue dungarees and big leather belt with a 'sexy' buckle. I was not short of confidence back in those days and I certainly knew what I wanted and most of those things included big brand names - names like adidas, Nike, Puma and Sassy. I hung around with a group who liked to roll out their lino and do some break dancing and we would all gather round the boom box. It certainly was a different time but lots of fun.

Nowadays not many people are break dancing anymore and the idea of wearing a shiny tracksuit top is a pretty horrifying one but it still remains that teenagers like their big brands. It is the in thing to wear the right names and the right pieces of clothing or trainers.  I am pleased to say that JJ is not that much into brands yet, I'm sure it will come and when it does I know where I'll be heading to - straight to JD Sports where the prices are so much more reasonable than most other high street sports shops.

We started to shop in JD Sports for JJ a couple of years ago when he needed new jogging bottoms and we found that they often had deals to buy 2 pairs for a special price. We have found their products to be quality and really reasonably priced and in fact we are off there tomorrow for some new tops and hoodies for JJ as he just does not seem to stop growing.

I'd never considered JD Sports as a shop for back to school purchases but actually they have a great stock of sports clothes (of course), bags, coats, trainers, shoes, caps and hoodies. JJ was offered a new school bag and he jumped at the chance to choose something more grown up than the one he had been using.

His first choice was this adidas backpack, which retails for £30.00 and is 100% polyester. It feels like a really sturdy backpack with adjustable straps and padded over the shoulder straps for a comfy fit. Our bag is all black but there are various different colour ways. It measures 17" x 11" x 5.5".

The backback has a really large laptop section which pleased JJ a lot as he loves to take his laptop with him and there is also another large section as well as smaller pockets and a place for a water bottle. There is also a D loop so you can clip things onto the bag and a nice touch is the straps and buckles on the front which will work well for when JJ goes on hikes with the scouts as he can strap his coat on the front when he needs to.

So what was JJ's comment about his new backpack? "It is so cool Mum, I can take it to Caverdale when I start next September as it is like the big kids have. It totally is a bag for secondary school!".

There is a great selection of school bags on the JD Sports website and they start at a reasonable £10 for McKenzie and there are even Nike branded bags from £15, so you can find something for all budgets.

I was pleased to see that you can order from the web for free delivery into your local store or it is free home delivery for orders over £60. The price is £3.99 if you wanted it delivered to home and your order value is less than £60 and I was super pleased to see that all returns are free whether you post them or take them into store. This is where some stores let you down but not JD Sports.

We have been very pleased with our service from JD Sports, our bag arrived quickly, was well packaged and the actual bag itself is brilliant.

Disclosure: We received this backpack free of charge for the purpose of this review. I have not been instructed what to write and I remain honest.
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