Friday 15 August 2014

Go on, say yes for a change....

It is all too easy as a parent to get in the habit of saying no when your child asks for something. I totally get why we do it, so much they ask for involves mess or work for us and to be honest some days we just want an easy life but I'd urge you to consider saying yes to your child at least once a day.

It really does help them to realise they have value and that their ideas matter. Oh and your yes can lead to a whole mass of fun like this water fight the girls had the other night.

Miss E asked me early in the day if she could have a water fight but I was busy and really did not want to clean up a house full of water so instead of no, I offered her a water fight after tea right before bath time. I had the towels ready by the front door, filled up their buckets and water guns and sat down on the bench outside my house to enjoy the show.

They had a ball, have a look...

Can you tell Miss E was the really cheeky one, she kept soaking her twin!

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