Wednesday 6 November 2013

A state of discontent #Prose4T

Life is good
How much more blessed could I be?
The move went well, the kids are happy, the husband too
Yet there is this unease
It's not right, something is up
What is it?

It feels so love-hate right now
I can't be arsed with you
But I can't keep away from you
You are like a drug, giving me highs
Stealing my time and offering little reward

You draw me in and then make me feel sad
Those feelings of inadequacy
That self-doubt that rears it's head
And I wonder what is wrong?
What is creating this unease, this imbalance?

Something needs to change
It is time to stop
To stop and take account
Where should I go?
What should I do?

My priorities need a good shake-up
A break might help
Can the answer really be so simple
Yet so darn difficult?
I know I need guidance
Lead me Lord
Hear my prayers

I'm taking the opportunity this week to link up with Vic over at Verily Victoria Vocalises for her #Prose4T link up. I don't really get involved with writing poetry or prose very often at all and I think a lot of that is down to being embarrassed of not having much skill in this area but today I feel like it and it is my blog and that is the way it goes!

Prose for Thought
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