Monday 25 November 2013

So proud of you Miss E

It really is the simple things sometimes.

Well simple to me and simple to her siblings but Miss E struggles with literacy and we are wondering if there will be a diagnosis of dyslexia when she is slightly older. To be truthful, it does not matter if there is or there is not, she is still my smart little cookie and we will work with her to try and make things easier.

Today she sat down to write her name and for the first time ever she wrote it correctly first try. Normally we have a number of the letters backwards (she writes mirror image very often) but not today every single one just right. As I smiled at her and said 'Miss E, that is perfect' she looked up at me with the shy big blue eyes and beamed me the biggest smile ever and then I got my normal hug and 'Mummy, I love you'.

Well my small baby, I love you too and I know reading and writing is hard but I love your fire and your persistence to get it right. One day you will fly baby.............. hang in there!

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