Wednesday 10 July 2013

Being obedient

I know what I should be doing and what is good for me, so how come I so often don't do it?
  • I should go to bed and be ready for sleep by 11pm each night, I know that when I do I feel good in the day, I achieve lots and I don't bite at my children. So how come it has been 12/1am for the last two weeks since dh has not been here?
  • I should eat a moderate amount of food and not over indulge because then I feel good about myself and full of energy. The truth is I eat too much, become sluggish and fall into very bad habits!
  • I should spend time with God every day and make sure that is a priority
and I'm pleased to say I have been working hard on this last one. Yesterday I felt called to have a day with God and to just lay aside all the other tasks that are on my to-do list. I feel so much better for taking this time and using it wisely.

I'll show you how my day went -

Did the normal and got the kids to school for just before 9am and then came home and did a few jobs around the house. At 11am prompt turned off the computer and left the house, heading for St Albans. The weather was beautiful and this is where I was heading - can you see it nestling above the trees?

A friend had told me about a new car park and I had no idea how to get to my destination, so I just ambled through the park with the Lord as my guide. I delighted in all I saw and thanked Him for this fabulous day. It felt right to sit down and watch the people go by for a while, seeing them feed the ducks and chatter away as I listened to a Joyce Meyer podcast about intimacy with God.

It's funny looking at that picture, it looks as if not another soul was in the park but actually there were loads of people, I must have just captured a moment when it was just myself and God's beautiful creation. After half-hour or so it was time to continue my journey and the walk up the steep hill led me to here -

St Albans Abbey and Catherdral
First stop was the cafe and I sat down to continue my bible study, at the moment I'm looking at the book of Hebrews and I'm not finding the explanatory text I'm using particularly easy but that is a good reason for me to keep going and learn more. I'd worked up an appetite and enjoyed a hearty brunch.

What is the obvious thing to do when you are in the Cathedral? Go for a prayer walk around it of course -

It is a beautiful place and I felt very comfortable spending time in prayer with the Lord. After this I walked slowly back to my car and again sat down to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful views while listening to part 2 of my podcast about seeking God and knowing Him on a one-to-one basis.

By the time I got back to pick the kids up I was a far happier Mummy and I can honestly say there was no shouting yesterday. It really does pay to be obedient and do what I know is good for me.

What about you, what have you done recently that has been really good for your soul?

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