Wednesday 3 July 2013

Are you still here reading?

I wish things could be easy, don't those big powers to be like Google understand I am busy? Busy with living real life - you know kids, family, house moves, earning a crust.  Blogging is something I have grown to love but it is still at the moment a minor part of my life, a hobby (that yes it is starting to turn into more) but I don't have the time or head space for it to be a full-time job. Especially one that does not pay a full-time wage.

This is why it drives me nuts that I have to keep learning new tricks and keeping up with all the changes that come along. Changes that can have major impacts on me and my blog.

This week Google took away their reader and this means that the 990 odd people who were subscribed to Mummy from the Heart by my feed may now need to be reading my blog another way.  I'm truly hoping most of them were more tech savvv than me and they have subscribed to my blog in some other way or ae using an alternate reader but realistically who knows?  I'll have to see if my reader stats go down, won't I? The signs seem fine these last few days.

Basically if you are here reading this, I'd love to ask you to check your subscription to Mummy from the Heart and check you are still receiving my posts.  If not then why don't you -

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I'm also on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and all my posts appear on all three of those.

Readers, sincerely thanks so much for keep coming back.  It is such a joy to me to know that you are reading, commenting and connecting with me. I have made some wonderful friends via this blog.

Mich x
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