Thursday 3 May 2012

#R2BC - The Walk to School (Week 18)

Hello cheerful people, How are you?  Super well I hope.  All is good here at the MFTH residence.

Perhaps when you saw the title of this post you thought that I had gone a little mad.  The walk to school, as reason for being cheerful? Well yes! I have been running #R2BC as a linky for 70 weeks now and when you have posted that many times on your reasons for being cheerful and grateful you have to start to dig deep and for me that is when the real blessings start.

We all know that our children, family, times with friends, days out, unexpected gifts, special occasions, weight loss and great food are all superb reasons to be cheerful but they are the easy things. So this week I decided to think about it a bit differently and to remember to thank God for the little things that make a positive difference to my life and being able to walk the kids to school is one of those things.

  1. I am grateful that my kids are happy to walk to school and they have fun on the way, even in the rain. Above is the umbrella dance earlier this week.
  2. I am grateful to live close to a good state school, so I do not have to get in the car in the morning.
  3. I am grateful that our walk to school is a nice one, it is a blessing to live in a leafty superb with blossom lined trees. How I love the blossom.
  4. I am grateful that my kids are now old enough that I do not have to raise my voice in the morning, they get dressed and sorted without much hassle.
  5. I am grateful to hear the beautiful bird song as I wander back to my house alone, knowing the kids are safe and happy.

Short and sweet this week.  Over to you, share your reasons for being cheerful in a post, tweet with #R2BC, link it up here and go and visit some other people in the linky and leave them some comment love, hopefully they will reciprocate. I will endeavour to come and visit this week and leave a comment but I have to say I am trying to take a back seat from blogging just now, you know how it burns you out sometimes?

Ohh and one last thing before I head off.  Do you use blogger?  Yes, then any chance you can turn the captcha code off? It makes leaving comments so difficult and time consuming, it is dead easy to do and the lovely Transatlantic Blonde has written a quick tutorial to show you how. You might just find that without it you get loads more coments.  I have not had captcha in at least 2 years and Blogger used to catch all my spam before I moved to disqus.
Wishing you a great long weekend.  Mich x

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