Monday 7 May 2012

Lifes a Journey! #InnerTruth

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an #InnerTruth post with the message for myself of ‘Just do it’ and for a few days things were going well.  I felt I was being successful in my journey towards the healthier and slimmer Michelle and then it went a bit wrong.  I can’t recall why, something went off track and instead of just getting back on the horse and trying again I quickly fell back into bad habits.  I didn’t post last Monday as it felt as if there was little point.  I had no weight loss to report and no inspiring message to share.

I tweeted that I would be back this week with an update and sadly I do not really have anything to report in regards to weight loss again.  I have had some good days, times when I have been focused and have eaten mindfully but others have been off-kilter and they are the ones that mean my weight has maintained. I had plans to start my exercise again but then I was unwell and other days I went to bed too late and could not easily get up in the morning.

Last Friday I spent the day with the Lord and it was just what I needed to focus my mind again. It was the kind of day I should commit to have regularly, I allowed nothing to get in the way and steal my time. I did my household chores, had a phone conversation to encourage someone else, did a dump run for a friend in need, attended a prayer meeting and then sat at home and prayed, read my bible and finished the book I have been reading by Joyce Meyer, called Look Great, Feel Great.  This book has been a massive inspiration to me and I would happily recommend it to anyone who wishes to deal with their weight, image or self-esteem.
What I fully came to realise on this focused day is that I lack vision.  I know that I would like to be slimmer and healthier but I do not really have any goals and if I am honest I do not believe it will happen. Joyce Meyer says that to get somewhere you have to know where you are going and I can buy into that, so it makes sense then that I am bit a lost in this journey when I have no idea where I am heading; I have been going round in circles.

I fully believe that my God is a God who is able to transform lives; he does perform miracles, so it seems crazy that I cannot get my head around the fact that he wants me to be healthy and to be able to work for Him to my fullest. I need to take heed of what I posted the other day about negative thoughts leading to negative actions, I am setting myself up to fail right now as I do not believe it can happen.
So a big change needs to take place.  I am sensible enough to know that I cannot just click my fingers and my fundamental beliefs are changed, I have to ‘act as if’. I must feed positive thoughts in and sit back and pray and watch those thoughts turn into positive actions.

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • I want to lose weight
  • I enjoy exercising
  • I am a disciplined person
  • I deserve to be slimmer and healthier
  • Life is not perfect, there will always be setbacks but I can overcome them

So for this week I am setting myself just one goal for the week ahead and that is to think positive in regards to my weight loss, it is probably the only area of my life that I am negative about. My growth and faith journey over the last 10-12 years have changed my mindset and made me into a glass half full person and now I need to fix this last area too.
I won’t be getting on the scales as that is not what this week ahead is about; it is something much more fundamental.  I need a full week of self-belief, of knowing I am a disciplined person who can lose weight and then I’ll be back next Monday to set myself some goals to work towards. I need to learn to vision my future.
Let me ask you, if you are journeying with your weight, do you believe you can do it? And do you think that is a big factor in your achievement (or lack thereof)?

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