Sunday 20 May 2012

Ohh a nudge, just what I need! #InnerTruth

I am lucky enough to work someone which has fantastic sports and gym facilities, we even have an olympic sized swimming pool but I have let my membership lapse as I just found it so hard to get there in the times when I do not have the kids.  When I am at work, I am just that and then before or after work I always have to rush to drop/ collect the kids.  On the 2 days I am off it seems to take the whole day up to get there, so I decided to exercise at home and that is going OK but I am pleased to say that I have been selected to be part of a initiative at work called nudge jubilee.  I am not entirely sure what it involves as yet but I do know they will provide me with a actiped pedometer and that in itself should motivate me to exercise more, as I know I'll enjoy beating my own score! I'll also of course be getting some nudges to exercise!

I have been pleased with my progress in the last week.  I feel as if I am making changes for life and thus they need to be sustainable.  Nothing too radical, just small things that can become habit and make a difference.  As I want my changes to last I am introducing just one or two new things a week and building on my previous changes,  building a checklist for life if you like.  Every day I will mentally check off all the tasks on my list until they feel second nature and just part of my life.

The first week I started to think about weight loss again I decided that my first step was to think positive and believe that I can lose weight. I really do believe it, God is walking with me and will help this to happen

Last week I set the goals to exercise a minimum of 3 times and to pray before I ate.  I have done OK with the exercise and I have had 3 sessions using my walking DVD and I have certainly remembered to pray each day but not enough perhaps, I think I do need to try harder with that one.

This week I am adding 2 more to the list -
  1. Think positive, I can lose weight
  2. Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week
  3. Pray before I eat
  4. Drink a glass of water before I eat & drink at least 2 litres a day
  5. Plan my meals for the week ahead as I know it keeps me focused
So there we go, good simple stuff but things that make a difference and how have I done this week with regards to weight loss? I have lost 3lb and I am happy with that, I have cut down but not at all starved or deprived myself.  So today I am sat at 235lbs or 17st 6lb.   Here is to a good week.....  for us all!

Linking up to #InnerTruth with Liska at New Mum Online and also At Home with Mrs M for Meal Planning Monday. 

Inner Truth

Monday - Breakfast, lunch and snacks - Porridge and OJ, Banana, Soup, Ryvita & cheese, Yoghurt. Dinner - Jacket pot with tuna mayo and beans

Tuesday - Breakfast, lunch and snacks - 2 weetabix, crumpet with peanut butter, carrot sticks, slimfast drink, melba toasts and philli.  Dinner - Lasagne, peas and sweetcorn

Wednesday - Breakfast, lunch and snacks - Museli and OJ, Banana, ham, philli & salad wrap, carrot sticks, yoghurt.  Dinner - Sausage, mash and baked beans

Thursday - Breakfast, lunch and snacks - Porridge and OJ, 1 toast and peanut butter, Tuna mayo and salad wrap, crisps, apple. Dinner - Roast chicken dinner

Friday - Breakfast, lunch and snacks - 2 weetabix, banana. No idea for lunch as taking a friend to court and no idea for dinner as going to a friends with the kids!

Weekend - Not sure as yet, it depends if we stay home or go and visit my family but I will be sure to be mindful, whatever.

Wishing you a super week, Mich x
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