Thursday 16 September 2010

A Restful Day For Jenny WoodenMum!

So after the unexpected news that Jenny WoodenMum was having a new baby she has been very busy looking after her new little princess. This beautiful addition to the family has been named Jasmine Wooden.

WoodenDad being the super kind bloke he is felt that Jenny WoodenMum needed a bit of a break from the tolls of breastfeeding, sleepless nights and nappy changing and he sent Jenny on a trip by train to the Kew Botanical Gardens. Here are a couple of snaps of her enjoying her day out!

Wow, can you believe it, that Jenny is back in her same denim skirt already, and only about 3 weeks after the birth of Jasmine!

If you think I am bonkers writing about and taking pictures of a doll, you may just be right but that is not the sole reason of this post. It was written as an entry to the John Crane Summer Competition. Have you been over to their blog and looked at their gorgeous wooden toys and furniture? It is well worth a glance and the prices are reasonable too.
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