Monday 6 September 2010

I Threw My Toys Out of My Pram!!

I had a paddy at work this morning. I proper shouting and stomping type paddy. Yes you read that right, at 37 I acted like a 2 year old tantrumming!

Want to know why?

I did some soul searching last night and had a wonderful chat with my gorgeous, caring and handsome hubbie and then I could not sleep. I laid in my bed until 3.45am and that was the last time I finally looked at the clock - so I must have dosed off. Only to wake at 6.25am for work. That is not much sleep you know. I am not at all used to so little sleep. I am not good when I only have that much sleep. Add into the mix being hungry and I become a volcano about to erupt!

I had plans to be so good with my food today, to start taking control of that aspect of my life again. I had taken bread to work for my breakfast toast as I knew I had butter there. About 9.15am, after over an hour of ploughing through holiday emails I make my way to the kitchen to do my tea and toast. Bread in the toaster and I open the fridge - it is completely empty!

I see a sign on the door from last week (I have been on holiday 2 weeks), saying the fridge was to be cleaned last Friday and if you did not remove what was yours it would be binned. I was livid. I had a new tub of butter in there (with 6 weeks left on the date) that I planned to use for my breakfast and lunch and now I was left high and dry!

I stomped, I swore, I threw my bread across the room into the bin. I typed up a big sign saying 'Cheers for nothing! and stuck it to the fridge and then I seethed for a good 10 minutes to anyone who would listen to is comical when I think about it now...

.....and breath. I felt better after my paddy. I still feel my in date food should not of been binned but it is small fry in comparison to other stuff going on.

So tonight I will go to bed early and become the normal Mich again. That's all. As you were.
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