Tuesday 14 September 2010

Notes From The Heart....

Dear House,

You are making me very happy right now. I am loving your new playroom. It is finished and it is perfect! Well I suppose I could put curtains up at some point, but no real hurry...

From the Happy Lady of the House!
Dear Tommy the Plasterer,

Please call me back, pretty please! My living room looks such a mess with a big hole in the wall and walls stripped of wallpaper. All you have to do is come for one day and skim those walls and of course I will pay you for it! Then we can let the plaster dry and get decorating and the carpet laid - all before the really cold weather arrives! Perfect.
I will love you forever...

Mich x

Dear Mum,

You must not worry about me. I am OK really. I know I am your little girl and you hurt when I hurt but fundamentally I am alright and I am a survivor who will get through what is thrown at me. Like you say I have a wonderful family and also my faith.

I am truly blessed.

Love you all so much, Mich xxxxx

Hola my babies (did you get my Dora moment there?)

You are both such little cuties right now and I enjoy you so much. Just one request for each of you - Miss M stop making those evil eyes at me. When you do not like what I am telling you, just deal with it, I am the Mummy! Miss E, could you please stop having little cries in the night, what is wrong my babe? I know it only takes a few moments of a cuddle and to give you Alfie back but really, sometimes Daddy and I could just do with a full nights sleep with no disturbance at all.

Thank you my twinnies.
Mummy xxxxx
To My Big Boy,

You seem to be settling back into school really well and that makes me very happy. I pray you will be happy in your school life and that these two assessments you will go through next week will show us if there is any underlying developmental issues that affect your behaviour. Also hopefully we will be given some strategies longer term to help you to be able to relate to people better and to learn to understand what is socially acceptable and what isn't. It breaks my heart when you tell me that numerous people said they would not play with you at school yesterday. My consolation is that it did not seem to upset you, it just goes over your head.

I love you so much, Mummy xxxxx
Note to Self!

Do not let the bastards grind you down! I know it seems at the moment as if nothing is simple and that everyone keep saying no to things. These are all small stuff and you must not sweat them. Front room decoration, new HR systems at work, bike insurance claims, cinema ticket traumas, changing Beaver packs etc etc will all not matter this time next year. What will matter is the wonderful family and faith that I have.

Mich with her sensible hat on!

Dear Readers,

You stick with me and I love that. I love you! (well some of you anyway, lol)

In fact my stats have gone through the roof just recently, maybe because I am actually putting a big of effort into tweeting!

I am now at 95 followers and it would be fab to get to that all important 100 mark. In fact I might just do a giveaway at that point.

So if you pop by to see me regularly, thanks. Leave me a comment and I will pop over and see you. I like to reciprocate the blogger love and if you are new then press follow and boast my blog and again I will come visit you too!

Thanks, Michelle x

Dear So and So...
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