Saturday 3 July 2010

Notes From The Heart.....

Dear So and So...

Hello Readers,

Do you know what? I have not even been begging for a couple of weeks and you keep on appearing and some of you new people are putting a follow on me and my reader stats keep going up. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing the blogger love. I don't think I am setting myself a target for new followers in July, in all this heat it is a time to be chilled...

Mich x

Dear Mr Blog,

Are you feeling a bit left out? Not getting as much time from meas normal? Sorry about that but you know what I am a mummy to three, wife to one and I work too and guess what I have perspective. On my deathbed I will not worry if I wrote enough blog posts but I will worry about whether I spent enough time seeing my real life loved ones. So while this lovely weather is here and the house needs me (what with the garage conversion) then I just won't come and visit you as much but I am still here and Mr Blog if it helps, I still love ya!

Mwahhh Mich x

Hello Precious Ones,

Yes you know who you are! You are the ones that I can not resist sneaking into at night and stroking your hair and stealing a little kiss from! I just wanted to say sorry that Mummy has seemed crabby the last few days. I have been silly and allowing myself to get stressed. Not enough time at home to achieve all the things that need doing. I had no idea that a garage conversion could require so much work on my behalf - ebaying, freecycling, charity shop drops, dump runs, filling bin bags, moving stuff to the shed, sorting through boxes of crap accumulated over the last eight years.

Anyway Mummy feels much better and more in control again now so hopefully we will enjoy a lovely family Sunday together.

Love you my little beauties and handsome man.

Mummy xxxxxxxx

Dear Dh,

You have no idea how much you blessed me tonight. When you come home from a very busy day at work and come out into the garage without being asked and help me to start shifting all the stuff to the shed it just took a weight off my mind, it was amazing how quickly things happen when two of you are doing them.

I love you babe, thanks for our amazing weekend last week.

Mich xxxx

Dear John Lewis,

After my last post about your rude assistant, I have to say you have redeemed yourself. I am delighted with my new Ted Baker handbag that I have got early for my birthday. Your assistants were just fab at chatting to my girls and engaging them giving me time to try out a few days.

Thanks for my fab 1/2 price bargain, Mrs P
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